Core Functionalities

Experience more of what Custom Maintenance Software can do to enhance your operations.

With CMS, our core functionalities offer you unprecedented access and control over all of your asset tracking and reporting.

Work Orders

    • Convenient view of the work order, procedures, data readings, assignments, and contract information from a single screen
    • Set defaults to quickly create and complete work orders
    • Track all changes to your work order for an audit trail
    • Online service request forms send work orders directly to the CMMS
    • Zone-based work order assignment
    • Easily assign multiple techs to 1 work order
    • Automated feedback by email to requesters when work is completed
    • Mass editing of work orders
    • Unlimited User-Defined Fields
    • Customize Field Names
    • Customized electronic surveys of your customers for process improvement
    • CMS Tech available on iOS and Android devices


    • Convenient view of the asset info, PM schedule, Bill of Materials, Work Order History, Attachments (such as photos, wiring diagrams, manuals, etc.), Contract information, Equipment Classification (Life Safety, Infection Control, Patient Related, etc.) and Linked Assets from a single screen
    • Associate Manufacturers with model numbers for standardized dropdown selection
    • Unlimited User-Defined Fields
    • Customize Field Names
    • Speed data entry by duplicating existing assets and preventive maintenance procedure schedules
    • Mass editing of assets
    • Asset Risk Management

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

    • Simplified procedure scheduling by asset classifications
    • Exception ranges for seasonal equipment
    • Procedure readings for capturing preventive maintenance
    • Failed PM criteria to automatically generate corrective work orders
    • Group similar equipment by location to reduce paperwork


    • Customized MyCMS Dashboards
    • Unlimited user-defined fields to capture additional details
    • Consistent data for reliable reports by utilizing pre-defined selection lists

Compliance Reporting

    • EP Dashboard showing compliance with EC.02.03.05 and EC.02.05.07
    • Full suite of compliance reporting including PM Completion Percentages

Simple CMMS Licensing

    • Unlimited logins
    • CMS Tech
    • CMS Touch
    • Online request forms
    • E-mail responses
    • Customizable follow-up surveys
    • No fees for additional modules


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Experience more of what Custom Maintenance Software can do to enhance your operations.