Inventory and Validation


Keeping the Focus on your Core Business

Asset Inventory and Verification

    • Complete facility walk-through to verify and update asset information
Asset Tagging
    • Engraved or printed tags to identify your assets. Utilize barcode technology to facilitate your maintenance procedures.
CMS – Custom Maintenance Software
    • Import assets directly into CMS, the CMMS created by Facilities Survey Inc., or your existing maintenance software.
Database Configuration and Setup
    • Configuration of a system that will be easy to operate and maintain as an effective management tool.
    • We can help make your existing CMMS work better for you.
Automating Workflow
    • Reviewing your workflow processes and applying technology to recommend and implement productivity improvements.
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
    • Workload analysis and PM requirements can be reviewed and adjusted to balance workloads evenly throughout the year.

Download the Asset Inventory PDF