EVS & Biomed Services

CMS automatically builds Accreditation Compliance reporting from your daily activities.

Offered as a hosted application, IT requirements for system upgrades and maintenance are eliminated and provide the end-users 24/7 availability from anywhere with internet access.

Designed for the end user, CMS is easy to use and learn, with a consistent look and feel that will enable your employees to be more efficient with less training time.

Convenient, single-screen views in each core module enable users to quickly view work order history, upcoming PMs, labor charges and material charges on a single screen. Portals allow the user to access the information they need without the need to click through multiple screens and components of the application.

Simple licensing; unlimited logins, licenses and custom request forms with no additional fees for mobile devices, surveys, materials, and other capabilities.

Customize dashboards and views based on user role. Show individuals or group of users their assigned devices or departments for scheduled and unscheduled service activities, devices not found, percent complete and more.

4.0 work order

CMS Advantages

Work Orders

  • Set defaults to quickly create and complete work orders
  • Audit trail of all changes made to a work order
  • Online service request forms with email updates to requesters


  • Quickly access full work order history of medical equipment
  • Easily setup incoming inspections for new assets

Preventive Maintenance

  • Full support for your AEM and OEM PM procedures
  • Procedure readings allow tracking of values for electrical safety checks, could not duplicate, and other compliance issues
  • Available MedTester interface to automate the capture of data values


  • On-demand and automated email reports assist with compliance, productivity, and management of devices at your hospitals.

Users, Admin, and more

  • Control system access and preferences with easily configured settings and controls


CMS Tech is the handheld version of Healthcare’s leading Compliance Oriented Computerized Maintenance Management Software.

CMS Tech is FSI’s next-generation mobile offering designed for technicians to create and manage assets and work orders in the field. CMS Tech is a web-based application which adapts on various devices such as smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

CMS Tech functions in both online and offline modes allowing technicians to continue working in areas where there is no internet connectivity.

The intuitive user interface enables new users to get up and running quickly with limited training time needed, and the speed with which work orders can be filtered gives you instantaneous access to the information you need. Staff can remotely view a device’s historical information with just a few taps on the screen.

With CMS Tech, you can complete scheduled maintenance, unscheduled service activities, enter PM data readings, capture time charges, create work orders “on the fly,” and more!


Tech Advantages


  • Work either online or offline without losing data

Save Time

  • Enable clinical engineering staff to be in the field longer and eliminate end-of-the-day computer work
  • Retrieve and complete new work orders without returning to the office
  • Record necessary data readings on preventive maintenance work orders
  • Easily capture labor and material charges

Versatile Hardware

  • Utilize equipment barcodes with device camera or Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner
  • CMS Tech is a “BYOD” application, so you can use your favorite smart phone or tablet


Asset Inventory, Verification, and Barcoding Services

The best CMMS is only as good as your Clinical Engineering equipment inventory. Let FSI provide a comprehensive onsite asset data collection for your healthcare organization. FSI can provide a comprehensive collection approach to verify, update, and record asset information – adapted to your specific criteria. Our experience in hundreds of hospitals enables us to provide your data in a variety of formats, or to load them directly into your CMMS.

Asset Barcoding
Application of pre-printed barcode labels to your assets. Polyester thermal barcode labels are composed of white or yellow polyester label stock suitable for harsh interior and exterior environments with a high-strength acrylic adhesive. Customize barcodes so nursing staff can easily locate and identify the correct asset number.


FSI has developed comprehensive clinical equipment checklists so you can determine the type and level of data you would like to have collected.

We combine the type and utilization of hospital services provided, estimated asset count, and other building information to provide you with accurate pricing for all your data collection needs.

With our CMS Tech product, our field teams can quickly capture information in the field and provide you with a detailed inventory upon completion. New and existing CMS customers can immediately take advantage and begin repair work or scheduling PMs.


Additional Services

System Optimization

  • Identify functionality of your CMMS application that could be utilized to simplify the management of your system and streamline reporting.

Database Configuration and Setup

  • Configuration of a system that will be easy to operate and maintain, and will be an effective management tool.

CMMS For Healthcare

  • Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) is the healthcare industry’s leading compliance oriented CMMS package.
  • Use handheld devices to quickly and easily complete preventive maintenance activities and unscheduled service request on your clinical equipment.
  • Extraordinarily simple searching, configurable dashboards, and robust reporting provide you with the tools you need to manage your Clinical Engineering department efficiently.