TMS by Accruent – CMMS Data Migration

Experience more of what Custom Maintenance Software can do to enhance your operations.

FSI Services is profoundly aware of the challenges with switching from one CMMS to another.  FSI Services has successfully converted many customers from TMS by Accruent to our CMMS Platform. Our CMMS data migration / data conversion is an integral part for a successful implementation. Many of our new customers want to incorporate their existing data into their new FSI Services CMMS program from TMS. We offer a comprehensive data conversion / data migration process.


Over the last 15 years, we developed an exceptional ability to migrate existing information from legacy systems to our CMMS.  We regularly import data from other maintenance management software programs such as Accruent and others.


Standardizing Data

The data conversion process is an ideal time to standardize nomenclature throughout your existing TMS database.  Over the years, as information is entered by different people can cause a inconsistencies in the data.  Standardizing items such as work order types, asset category, naming conventions, and vendor information will enable more accurate and efficient reporting capabilities for your department.


Archiving Data

Customers sometimes choose to keep only a certain amount of historical data in their new CMMS.  At FSI, we offer services to archive older data from your TMS database– keeping it easily accessible for future reference.


Data Cleansing

While some data migrations are direct 1 to 1 copies, our data migration teams take time analyze your existing TMS data.  Through a collaborative process with the customer, we will determine whether there are opportunities to “clean up” the existing TMS data as part of the migration process.


If there is information in the originating database which is no longer valid, such as unused cost center accounts, employees who are no longer part of the organization, or unused vendors, we can remove those for you.


Our experienced data migration teams brings over 15 years of Best Practices to your organization.

Experience more of what Custom Maintenance Software can do to enhance your operations.