Core Functionalities

Work Orders

    • Convenient single screen view of the work order to show:
      • Procedures with data readings
      • Labor Charges and Costs
      • Materials and Costs
      • Multiple Assignments
      • Parent/Child Work Orders
      • Attachments (photos, vendor invoices, signed documents)
    • Set defaults to quickly create and complete work orders
    • Track all changes to your work order for an audit trail
    • Online service request forms send work orders directly to the CMMS
    • Zone-based automatic work order assignment
    • Trade-based automatic work order assignment
    • Easily assign multiple techs to 1 work order
    • Automated feedback by email to requesters when work is completed
    • Mass editing of work orders
    • Unlimited User-Defined Fields
    • Customize Field Names
    • Customized electronic surveys of your customers for process improvement
    • CMS Tech available on iOS and Android devices


    • Convenient single screen view of the asset info:
      • PM schedule,
      • Bill of Materials,
      • Work Order History,
      • Attachments (such as photos, wiring diagrams, manuals, etc.)
      • Contract information
      • Equipment Classification
      • Linked Assets
    • Associate Manufacturers with model numbers for standardized dropdown
    • Unlimited User-Defined Fields
    • Customize Field Names
    • Duplication of assets including Preventive Maintenance Schedules
    • Mass editing of assets
    • Asset Risk Management
    • Compliance Classifications (High Risk, Non-High Risk, etc.)
    • Auto-Assign Classification based on Risk Score

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

    • Simplified procedure scheduling for multiple assets at once
    • Exception ranges for seasonal equipment
    • Procedure readings for capturing pass/fail or numeric data
    • Failed PM criteria to automatically generate corrective work orders
    • Mass editing to change assignments, due dates, frequencies, etc.
    • Group similar equipment by location to reduce paperwork
    • Support for your AEM


    • Customized MyCMS Dashboards to view crucial information upon login
    • Editable labels to define each field to your terminology
    • Drop-downs with multiple cascading levels
    • Unlimited user-defined fields to capture additional data
    • Workflow rules to limit what tasks and screens users can view/edit

Compliance Reporting

    • EP Dashboard showing compliance with EC.02.03.05 and EC.02.05.07
    • Support for DNV and other AHJ Dashboards
    • Customized Risk Manager using your formula and scoring strategy
    • Classifications to report on High Risk vs. Non High Risk equipment
    • Full suite of compliance reporting including PM Completion Percentages

Simple CMMS Licensing

    • Unlimited user logins
    • Unlimited assets
    • Unlimited CMS Tech licenses
    • Online work request forms
    • E-mail responses
    • Customizable follow-up surveys


Download the Custom Maintenance Software PDF