2018 CMS User Pre-Conference – PM’s

Pre-Conference Session Information

Session 2 - PMs – Scheduling, Performing, and Compliance Reporting 
Do you need help using CMS to maintain compliance?  Sign up for an in-depth presentation of every aspect of compliance, from the building your procedure library for compliance reporting, to the technician in the field completing the work efficiently, and configuring and using your compliance dashboard to prove what’s done.  You’ll learn tips, tricks and different configuration options so you can balance your teams workload against what you’re reporting on.

Joe Stockman
Michael Hetcko


I: 8:30a-10:00a - PM Work Orders

  • Performing Single Work Order PMs
    Performing Grouped PMs
  • Performing Procedure Group PMs
  • Best Practices for Completing WOs
  • Pass and Pass All


II: 10:15a-12:00p - Procedures

  • Overview
  • Creating/Editing Procedures
  • Configuration of Categories/Groups
  • Default WO Settings
  • Procedure Readings (All Types)
  • Failed Readings


III. 1:00p-2:45p - Scheduling

  • Creating Schedule from Asset Screen
  • Duplicating Assets
  • Scheduling Multiple Assets at Once
  • Staggering PMs by Location
  • Fixed and Floating Frequencies
  • Exception Months
  • Location Based PMs
  • Grouping PMs
  • Generation Settings
  • Manual Generation

IV. 3:00p-4:30p - Reporting

  • Standards Overview
  • Different Regulatory Agencies
  • Reporting Examples
  • Updating Standards
  • Adding Standards