2018 CMS User Pre-Conference – Boot Camp

Pre-Conference Session Information

Session 1 - CMS Bootcamp 
Are you new to the CMS Family?  Do you have a need to learn the basics of CMS, including the updated CMS 4.0 Work Order screen?  Sign up for a full day where you will get Hands-On Practice finding, creating and closing Work Orders in both CMS and CMS Tech, setting up Assets and PMs with and without readings, using the Materials Module, adding and disabling users, and setting up CMS to assign Work Orders automatically.

Angie Oglesby

CMS 101 – This session includes an overview of navigating CMS, opening and closing work orders in CMS and CMS Tech, capturing time and materials, and searching for work orders.


CMS Navigation

CMS Online

  • Work Orders 4.0
  • Creating and Completing
  • Completing PMs
  • Capturing Time and Materials
  • Attaching WOs
  • Searching for Work Orders
  • Saved Searches & Views
  • Mass Editing
  • 4.0 Configuration

CMS Tech 

  • Work Orders
  • Creating and Completing
  • Completing PMs
  • Capturing Time and Materials
  • Searching for Work Orders
  • Saved Searches & Views

CMS 201 – Part 2 of our beginner track includes setting up dropdowns and requirements for work orders and assets, creating and scheduling assets, creating procedures and readings, and using the filing cabinet.


Work Order Set Up

  • Field Configuration


  • Configurations
  • UDFs
  • Classifications
  • Risk Scoring


  • Creating
  • Procedure Readings
  • Pass All Feature
  • Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Browsing
  • Criteria/Export/Functions
  • Saving as Favorite
  • Custom Reports

File Cabinet - 1:00pm- 2:00pm

  • Browsing
  • Uploading Files
  • Field Configuration

CMS 301 – The 3rd and final part of our beginner track shows you how to create custom user-defined fields, set up a basic material inventory,  manage users and permissions, and change other administration options that affect what users can and can't get into.



  • Changing Password
  • Survey Configuration
  • Facility Configuration
  • Customizing MyCMS Page
  • Role Configuration


  • Creating
  • Material Search
  • Issuing Materials
  • Requisitions


  • Creating & Searching
  • Configuration
  • WO Zone Assignments
  • Zones