Development Team

Neil Alexander
Manager of Systems Operations


Neil has over 15 years of experience providing technical and development services to the healthcare and financial industries. Prior to working with FSI, he worked for a New York hedge fund, Eze Castle Software, Four Rivers Software and Hewlett Packard.

Neil’s experience as both technical consultant and developer enables him to develop application solutions that exceed the wide-ranging needs of the CMMS customer. Neil is currently the manager of systems operations for FSI and spends his time keeping our systems running smoothly as well as supporting and maintaining the CMS product.


Megan Day
Director of Development

Megan Day has 17 years of experience providing application development consulting services for many different industries.  Some of those industries have included: e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, government, education, law, professional sports, industrial science, and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining FSI. Megan has worked with many prominent clients throughout the country delivering custom software applications, as well as creating enterprise solutions to address a variety of business needs.

Megan is a University of Pittsburgh alumna with a degree in Information Science and a background in foreign language study.  She has a passion for technology and a drive to create applications that will facilitate better business practices and encourage process improvement.  She is always at the forefront of learning about the latest cloud based technologies and web trends and continually encourages her development team to do the same.  Megan is currently the director of the development department for FSI and leads the team in providing quality software products.


Chris Julio
Senior Developer

Chris has over 25 years of experience building commercial technology platforms and applications for TowerMetriX, Vocollect, Parature, IBM, and others. His expertise spans a broad range of technologies and industries including human resources, speech recognition, customer service and support, financial services, and education. Having served in many technical roles over his career, Chris brings an extensive background of software development knowledge and experience to his role as a senior developer for FSI.


Matt Manspeaker
Senior Developer

Matt has over 7 years of experience developing custom software applications for a variety of industries including healthcare, e-commerce, and human resources.  He also has in depth experience in dev-ops ensuring seam-less delivery of web-based software products. Prior to joining FSI, he worked for Development Dimension International, TowerMetriX, Branding Brand, and Iron Bridge Integration, as well as working as an independent consultant for several clients.

Matt graduated from St. Vincent College with a bachelor of science degree in Computing and Information Science in 2013. He has a strong background in modern web-application development and the latest cloud technologies. He is strongly focused on efficiency and performance of software applications as well as creating maintainable and future-proofed architectures. Matt is currently a senior developer for FSI and works with the team to build and support quality software.


Kavitha Senthil
Junior Contractor

Kavitha has over 3 years of experience in applications development.  She has Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Prior to joining FSI, she completed various application development projects for clients in industries including health care and garment industry. She has completed certifications on Java programming and QA testing. Her skillset includes web application development and support using .NET and various current technologies.



Manny Wolfe
Senior Developer

Manny Wolfe is a Senior Developer with FSI.  He is primarily responsible for mobile and integration solutions, including CMS Tech and CMS View. He also provides technical support and expertise for most of the company’s other software applications.  He brings over 20 years of software engineering experience to the team, much of it within the healthcare maintenance management sector.  Prior to working with FSI, he was employed as a consultant and project manager at Ectobox, Inc. and Four Rivers Software Systems.  Manny earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Penn State and in his spare time is an active member of several community concert and marching bands.