About Us

The History of Facilities Survey Inc.

Facilities Survey Inc. was launched in April of 2002 as The JGS Company by founder and president, Joseph Serwinski. After more than a decade of managing facilities, selling and implementing computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), he had observed a common problem in the marketplace. Facilities were making large capital investments and not achieving the benefits they hoped for with the systems they purchased. The root of this problem was often not having the right information in their system and not having the resources and experience to efficiently gather the data. Systems were often not fully implemented or not utilized as the management tools they were designed to be.

Recognizing a systemic need, Joe embarked on a mission to help these organizations get the most value from their CMMS platforms. Today, Facilities Survey has provided customers with accurate inventories of maintenance-worthy assets in their facilities covering hundreds of millions of square feet, assisted customers with scheduling preventive maintenance, and developed custom interfaces and tools to maximize the benefit of the data being captured in their CMMS. Facilities Survey developed many software tools to facilitate our core business, which has led to additional opportunities to assist customers. Surveyor, our initial venture into the software market, provided customers with a flexible tool to conduct inspection rounds on mechanical rooms, fire extinguishers or other assets.

Facilities Survey’s suite of services expanded beyond the healthcare and CMMS consulting roles to include many additional offerings for facility managers. We have completed conditional assessments of millions square feet of space for customers such as the United States Coast Guard, Federal Bureau of Prisons, various state prison systems, and architectural firms. With a staff of experienced CAD technicians, Facilities Survey has assisted customers update as-built drawings, convert paper drawings to electronic files, and perform on-site measurement and verification services to provide up-to-date and accurate building documentation.Lower48

Identifying shortfalls and difficulties for end-users in many of the current CMMS packages available on the market, Facilities Survey has developed a very powerful, yet simple-to-use system. Custom maintenance software (CMS) offered by Facilities Survey is delivered employing the software as a service (SaaS) model. CMS is aptly named due to the ease of customization and flexibility in support of the customer’s needs, no matter what the organization’s size or geographic reach. Carolinas Healthcare, East Texas Medical Center, Ohio State University Medical Center, The Children’s Institute, The Cleveland Clinic, Texas Health Resources, Seton Health, The University of Chicago Medical Center, HealthSouth, and Wyotech are just a few of the organizations recognizing this potential, in addition to the support provided by Facilities Survey Inc.

Keeping a focus on compliance, CMS enables detailed documentation and intelligent creation of corrective maintenance work orders based on data collected during the preventive maintenance cycle. Facilities Survey has worked with customers to develop reports for life safety reporting requirements and provide complete documentation that may be requested during the Joint Commission survey process. The simplified “MyCMS” dashboard gives users a snapshot of where they stand, eliminating the need to conduct multiple searches and stopping work orders from falling through the cracks.

The products and services offered by Facilities Survey Inc. continue to evolve in order to keep up with the increasing demands of Facilities Management, Clinical Engineering, Environmental Services, Fleet Management, and many other departments. It is that premise and the loyalty to our customers that keeps Facilities Survey Inc. at the forefront of product development and service.